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Great British Spring Clean

You may have already heard that Keep Britain Tidy organised a month-long initiative from the 23rd March until the 23rd April 2019. This month-long initiative was titled as the Great British Spring Clean and people all over Britain were involved in cleaning up our streets.

Taking care of the environment is something we are extremely passionate about over here at Comera and naturally we wanted to get involved with the Great British Spring Clean.

So, to kickstart our Easter Bank Holiday weekend we headed on over to Greville Smyth Park in Bristol and worked our litter picking magic. It was an enjoyable day for the whole team here at Comera - not only did we do our bit for the environment; it was also a brilliant team bonding opportunity.

As a collective effort across Britain, this campaign resulted in:

- More than 563,163 people volunteering

- Over 1.1 million hours had been dedicated which is equivalent to 128.5 years’ worth of time

- 17,097 clean-ups were held, and 957,377 bags of litter were collected, which equates to 239,344 wheelie bins of rubbish or 4,308 tonnes of rubbish

- Around 61% of the litter collected was ‘general waste’ and approximately 39% has been recycled (18% plastic, 21% aluminium)

It is safe to say that we are extremely proud of our team and the rest of Britain for achieving such brilliant results throughout Keep Britain Tidy. We would also like to thank Bristol Waste Company; they were brilliant at providing us with all the essential equipment we needed to ensure our litter picking was a success.



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