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Building A Better System: How We Design Your Solar PV Installation

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

In our last post, we explained why Solar PV is a fantastic option for small businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate social responsibility. In this article, we’ll explain how we go about designing, costing and installing the right system for you.

Stage One: Designing The System

The first stage is to build out and design your system. This will take into account a variety of different factors, from your energy requirements to the size of your roof and even the direction it faces. You can read more about how we customise our installation to your exact requirements here. Our Design Engineer will use state of the art design software to help us build the perfect system for you.

Stage Two: Capital Cost Analysis

When installing a complex piece of equipment like a Solar PV system, it can sometimes be difficult to work out exactly how much the costs are really going to be. That’s why we provide a robust cost analysis which takes into account not only the obvious costs, like materials and labour, but also the costs of servicing and maintaining the panels every 5 years. We’ll also explain your options in terms of panels, inverters and warranties, explaining both the pros and cons and the costs of each option.

Our financial modelling was developed in partnership with an experienced ex-KPMG accountant, ensuring a high degree of robustness throughout this process.

Stage Three: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Once we have determined the upfront costs of the project, we then carry out a comprehensive financial analysis of the project, in order to calculate your expected savings and return on investment. We’ll examine the projected yields of your system, taking into account not just the industry standard MCS yield but also using PV Sol analysis to take into account all the factors that affect performance in practice.

We take a variety of economic factors into account, including the price of grid electricity and how this is likely to change in the future and how much of your generated electricity that you are likely to export to the grid (at approximately 5.5p per Kilowatt-hour at the time of writing) vs how much you are likely to use yourself. We’ll also analyse your system as we would an investment, taking into account the discount rate.

Stage Four: Implementation

Only once we’ve fully assessed your system using the process above and obtained your approval, we’ll move into the installation phase. Our team of experienced installers will then turn our vision into a reality. Our team is made up of highly trained specialists, led by our experienced project managers. We have successfully delivered projects for a wide range of clients. You can read more here.



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