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Is Solar PV the right fit for your business?

Solar PV can be an attractive investment opportunity for many businesses, offering the ability to save money on your energy costs in the long term whilst demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment. This is especially the case in the light of the increased funding available to small businesses for energy efficiency projects, for example the Green Business Grants from the West of England Growth Hub.

You’re looking to reduce your energy bills

A typical SME can spend more than £4,000 on energy every year. That could be even higher if you operate in an energy-intensive business such as manufacturing. This represents a significant cost, especially to smaller businesses. A solar PV system will allow you to offset many of these costs by using clean, free solar energy.

We are experts in designing and installing solar PV systems for industrial or office premises. We can also offer complementary technologies such as electric vehicle charging for even bigger savings. Our expert Design Engineer will design and cost your system, using our robust cost-benefit analysis appraisal to calculate your capital outlay and the long-term financial returns of the project. We’ll provide you with this data to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

You’re looking to the long term

The best thing about Solar PV is that the longer you use it, the better the returns will be. A system will typically go on generating power for 25-30 years, paying for itself in 8-10, and so provides real long-term financial value for your businesses. Energy prices have also been consistently rising, with an increase of 9% just this April, so by investing in a Solar PV system you’ll be protecting yourself from price increases (sunlight will always be free!) and saving even more on your bills in the long run.

We use high quality components and an experienced design and installation team with a track record of successful delivery for some of the biggest names in construction. This means you can be sure that you’ll be getting a high quality, robust installation that will continue to deliver for your business.

You want to demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is becoming increasingly important to businesses, with modern consumers wanting to feel that the brands they buy from are making a positive social difference. This is especially true of younger consumers, with research showing over 80% of millennials expect good corporate citizenship from the companies they buy from.

Solar PV is one of the greenest forms of energy. It will help your business to reduce emissions and installing solar panels on your roof makes a very visible statement about your commitment to doing so.

If you have any questions about whether Solar PV is right for your business, or if you’d like a no-obligation chat with our friendly team, get in touch at



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