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We recognise that commercial Solar PV projects are increasing in complexity and that this has led to a need for expert advisory services earlier in the project life cycle. To assist with this, Comera Energy offers independent technical and commercial consultancy with clear, transparent and cost-effective pricing.

Looking for expert advice on Solar PV, EV charging solutions, or battery storage systems?


We've got you covered! We offer end-to-end project engagement, potentially saving you costly changes later on. Our approachable team is happy to provide an initial assessment of your requirements, whether it's over the phone, in person, or via email. Plus, all our work follows Comera's 'Consult, Train, Deliver' framework, ensuring a holistic understanding of your organisation's priorities and requirements.

Learn more about our services below or contact us, to discuss your needs today. Let's work together to power a greener future.

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Our consultants have years of experience of designing and modelling Solar PV systems. They can draw on this to develop an energy solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


This will include analysis of how much energy a system is likely to generate given all environmental factors, design and configuration advice and technical schematics. We can support with BREEAM and BRUKL assessments and also install the system where required. 



Mounting your solar system efficiently and securely can be one of the most challenging aspects of a solar installation, especially when working on unusual buildings.


Our consultants can design bespoke solutions for a variety of installations, including green roofs and skyscrapers. They will generate a full report, with analysis of the preferred system and ballast requirements. We can also help with installation where required.



Our consultants can use their years of experience delivering solar PV power systems to analyse the financial costs and benefits of a proposed installation


Our consultants will take into account your current energy consumption and the system's projected output to provide actionable insights into the system's impact on your business and realistic forecasts of energy generation and the project's payback period.

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Our expert consultants can use our industry standard modelling and design software to model your proposed system.

We can model the system on a blank roof or according to your architect's specifications, giving feedback and advice where necessary. We are also able to model containment systems and DC cable penetration.

Electric Car Charger


In addition to our core solar PV consultancy offering, we can advise on a variety of additional solutions, including EV charging and battery storage systems. 

These systems can help you make the most of your solar PV installation and we can support you in deploying these systems in a way which maximises the benefits and is in line with your broader goals and circumstances.

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