As the cost of home energy Battery Systems have fallen over the past two years, homeowners can now start seriously considering installing a Battery System alongside their Solar PV and Electric Vehicle Charging Point


Here at Comera Energy, we are registered installers of all the leading manufacturers such as SolarEdge, LG Chem, SMA, Sonnen and Victron. As we are not tied to a manufacturer, we can install any system that you would like.

We can work with your existing consumption (from half hourly to annualised data) to model the impact that a Battery System would have on your electricity spend. 

From the initial stage of contact that we have with you, we take an approach of understanding your needs to ensure that the Battery System we recommend is the one that really fulfils your needs. We can also integrate the impact of smart time of use tariffs such as Octupus Agile into our models.

If you are considering installing a Battery System into your home, then we would love to hear from you. We can discuss a range of options with you and provide you with a fully costed proposal for your Battery System.


To find out more, please fill out the box below and a member of our team will get in contact with you shortly.


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