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Maintain your solar panels with Comera Energy to ensure peak performance and save money.


Our maintenance packages are tailored to your system's size and needs.

Solar Maintenance Packages

We offer customised plans based on system size, with pricing determined by workdays required. Choose from 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year plans with fixed rates for the duration.

5 Year Plan
  • Lock in your maintenance rate for 5 years

  • One site visit per year

  • Our team will assess your system via site visit or Google Earth

  • Customised plan based on size of system

Why Maintain Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a valuable investment for reducing carbon footprints and saving on energy costs. Regular maintenance ensures peak efficiency, maximising returns and preventing costly repairs.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

✔ Enhanced Efficiency: Peak performance and lower energy bills.

✔ Increased Longevity: Extends system lifespan.

✔ Cost Savings: Reduces need for replacements and repairs.

✔ Safety Assurance: Prevents hazards by early issue detection.

What Checks Are Made?

Our Maintenance Service includes the following:

  1. Test DC Current and String Voltages: Ensures outputs are within expected ranges.

  2. Check AC Voltages: Verifies inverter output matches grid requirements.

  3. Shutdown of Inverter: Safe shutdown before maintenance.

  4. Apply Updates: Updates firmware/software as needed.

  5. Inspect DC Isolators: Checks for wear, damage, and functionality.

  6. Clean Solar Panels: Removes dust and debris.

  7. Visually Inspect Strings: Checks for damage, corrosion, or loose connections.

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