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Location: Fieldway, Cardiff

Commercial 5kW 3 Phase

System Size: 4.6kW

Panels: 10 x JA Solar 460W panels

Inverter: Solis 5kw 3 phase inverter

Mounting system: Renusol Trapezoidal on-roof

Annual system output: 5,175kWh

Annual CO2 savings: 2,431kg

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Our task involved creating and implementing a 3-phase system for a furniture workshop located in Cardiff. The installation featured 10 solar panels, each generating 460W, strategically placed on a metal trapezoidal roof with a 10-degree southern slope. Complementing this setup, a 5kW Solis inverter was installed within the workshop.


Given the substantial size of the building, a lengthy cable run was necessary from the roof to the workshop, passing through an office space. However, we successfully addressed this logistical challenge by utilizing the cavity wall, effectively minimizing the visual impact of the cable run.


Additionally, considering the age and size of the existing distribution board, a crucial step in our installation process was the installation of a new distribution board. This upgrade ensured optimal functionality and compatibility, enhancing the efficiency of the overall electrical distribution system.

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