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Domestic 5kW Hybrid

System Size: 6.37kW

Panels: 19 x Viridian 335W panels

Inverter: Solis 5kW hybrid inverter

Battery: 5kW Puredrive Battery

Mounting system: Viridian in-roof

Annual system output: 4,533kWh

Annual CO2 savings: 2,125kg

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We were tasked with the design and implementation of a 5kW solar and battery system for a residential new construction project located in Worcestershire. Our approach involved the installation of 19 solar panels, each with a capacity of 335W, strategically positioned in an East/West configuration across three different roofs. This arrangement was carefully planned to optimize energy output while working within the constraints of limited space.


For the mounting system, we utilized the Viridian in-roof mounting system, which was installed prior to the roof tiling phase. The choice of this system was driven by our client's preference, as they believed it seamlessly complemented the aesthetic of the property.


A unique challenge arose from the client's possession of two consumer units. To ensure the proper functioning of the Puredrive battery module, we needed to install a secondary CT clamp. To address this requirement, we reprogrammed a spare CT clamp to operate as a follower, working in conjunction with the primary CT clamp and ensuring the seamless operation of the entire system.

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