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Domestic 5.2kW SOLAR PV SYSTEM
System Size: 4.02kW
Panels: 13 x Trina Vertex 400w panels - SolarEdge optimised
Inverter: 1 x  4kw Solaredge inverter coupled with a Givenergy 3.0kw AC charge inverter
Battery: 9.5kW Givenergy Gen2 Battery
Mounting system:  K2 Vario 2

Bromley Heath_edited_edited.jpg

This is a large family home is now benefiting from a fully optimised Solaredge array with

battery storage provided by the 9.5kW Givenergy battery. The system has a slight twist of being AC coupled with a conventional inverter. This means it's possible to utilise optimisers and is handy if you have a solar array already installed on the Feed-in Tariff scheme.


This system offers full monitoring of each panel. The system comes wit the very helpful Givenergy cloud to keep up to date with the battery system - take a look at the demo which our customers love here.

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