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Domestic solar installation with Battery storage
System Size: 6.15 kW 
Panels: 15 x JAM54S-30-410-MR-BF
Inverter: Fox H1 5.0kW Hybrid Invert

Battery: Fox ECS HV ECM2900, 5.76kWh 1x Master 1x Slave
Mounting system: Nicolson rooftrak integrated roofing system

Our client now benefits from a fully optimised solar and battery installation, lowering their electricity bill and reducing their reliance on the national grid.

Upon assessment the best place to mount the inverter and battery storage was in the garage attached to the house. There was no way to run a cable internally from the distribution board to the garage, so instead the team installed an external armoured cable. This provided the AC connection from the incoming mains to the newly installed DC production.

Rownham close inside_edited.jpg

To support the structure and integrity of the roof, specific integrated reinforcement mountings were installed

Comera Energy brought in a specialist roofer to supplement the team to ensure the highest standard.

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