Our solar voltaic (Solar PV) Systems use the sun's light to generate cheap, renewable energy for your home or business. 


A solar PV System is made of a number of solar panels connected to your mains or a battery storage system. The system generates quiet, clean energy at an affordable price.


A solar PV system will typically result in significant savings on energy costs over time and is therefore a great investment for businesses and homeowners alike. As one of the greenest sources of power, a solar PV system is also a fantastic way to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.


We can help you deliver your solar PV project from the design stage to installation, and also provide support for a range of existing systems.

Our specialist design engineer, Richard Percival, will work with you from the outset to scope your project, design a system that meets your specific requirements and help you to calculate the system's output and CO2 savings. Our partners at Comera Professional can also provide financial analysis for any proposed system.

When it comes to experience, we have ten years of expertise working on a range of commercial Solar PV projects. We offer a staged PV design process that allows you to obtain outline pricing with a rapid response followed by detailed design as the project progresses. 

Here at Comera Energy, we use Solar PV design tools (PV Sol) to understand the full range of kWp, kWh per year or CO2 saved on your project so you can really understand the benefits of Solar PV before we go ahead with installation. We can undertake detailed AutoCAD designs where required and consider the impact that panel degradation and shading may have on your project. 

Our team includes experienced Solar PV design engineers, project managers and installers/electricians. We only use Tier 1 panels, inverters and mounting systems – backed by unrivalled product and performance warranties.

We understand the complexities of working on complicated and long running construction projects as well as more straightforward builds. Therefore, we also understand the importance of being flexible to dovetail effectively into your schedule. 

If you want to discuss how we can help you with your Solar PV requirements, please leave your details in the box below and we will get in touch shortly.


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